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Urgent Care in New Jersey - FAQs

Updated: Jan 26

Does urgent care do Telehealth?

Yes, our urgent care services here at Diligent Health do feature Telehealth.

Should I go to Urgent Care or primary care?

It depends on your situation. If you have a situation where you urgently need medical attention, be sure to visit urgent care. If it’s a situation where you can wait, be sure to schedule a primary care visit.

Can Urgent Care refuse care?

No. We will not refuse care at Diligent Urgent Care in West Orange, New Jersey.

What do Urgent Cares treat?

Urgent Care can assist with various illnesses, injuries, lab tests, and more.

Does Urgent Care have real doctors?

Yes, of course.

How long do you wait in Urgent Care?

It will depend on the day and it will vary, however it shouldn’t be more than a 15 minute wait on average. It is always best to schedule online or over the phone beforehand.

How does Urgent Care work with insurance?

You will provide us with the healthcare information and we take it from there. We accept most insurance coverage, including both medicare and medicaid.

How do Urgent Cares make money?

Urgent Cares bill insurance companies and are compensated that way for their services.

How do I know if my insurance covers Urgent Care?

Give us here at Diligent Health a call today to find out if your insurance covers Urgent Care.

Schedule an appointment here at Diligent Urgent Care in West Orange, New Jersey to be cared for by one of high-quality health care professionals.

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Diligent Urgent Care brings Hospital Emergency Room (ER) skills to patients in need of immediate medical treatment, but without the long wait or big ER bills. 

Under the management of medical director and nationally recognized emergency room physicians, the doctors and staff at Diligent Urgent Care provide both comprehensive emergency care and extensive family medicine to anyone who walks through the door.


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